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Are you a student or a tourist?
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Find out more about the friendly Casa a Colori or Casa Valentini Terrani in Padua or the Ostello a Colori and Hotel a Colori in the province of Venice!


Casa a Colori Visit the site

Ideal for a weekend getaway it is also a perfect accommodation for business trips or for visitors attending expo and/or sports events in Padua and surrounding areas.

Casa Valentini Terrani Visit the site

Friendly, comfortable and modern facility, ideal for mid to long-term stays, conveniently located for all transportation and to the train station, really close to the city’s historic center.


Casa a Colori Venice Visit the site

Hotel built from the renovation works of a sixteenth century convent. Located in the lovely area of the Brenta Riviera, with rooms and halls for meetings, parties and banquets.


Ostello a Colori Visit the site

Low cost accommodation facility just a few kilometers away from Venice and a short distance from the Brenta Riviera. Located in a pristine area where the countryside meets the lagoon. Ideal for those who love to combine art and nature.