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Casa a Colori Corporate

Casa a Colori: Casa a Colori is the accommodation model proposed by the social co-op called Città Solare.

Gruppo Corte (Corte Group): is an equal exchange co-op group open to new subscriptions. It provides participating social businesses with management and communication services, with the aim of helping poorer and weaker people find a home, employment and establish stronger relations in order to grow and fulfill themselves. In other words their own existence is turned into a life worth living.

Fondazione La Casa (La Casa Foundation): is an organization that brings together individuals of the public, private and civic economics sector of Social Housing. It aims at recuperating and redeveloping properties that the partners hand over to people that live in poorer conditions and risk social exclusion.

Città solare: aims at providing employment and social integration to Italian and foreign citizens, even to underprivileged individuals. It works in the environmental sector handling recycling activities and landfill facilities. It’s other activities include small maintenance works to buildings and household services; in the industrial sector it handles mechanical and electrical manufacturing for third parties; in the tourist sector it handles accommodation services with the use of its own accommodation facilities.

Nuovo villaggio: handles social housing aspects and helps people become autonomous. It also favors cohabitation amongst citizens. If offers educational and intercultural mediation services along with property management.

Amici di nuovo villaggio: this organization was founded in order to train and organize volunteers who are willing to collaborate in all the activities promoted and created by the Social Co-op Nuovo Villaggio of Padua; it’s purpose is purely of a social solidarity nature.

Aisa: is a quality trademark in the housing services sector; it represents the effort of working together with the other participating social organizations.

Osteria del Frate dalla Manica Larga: A new idea, a marriage between an organic restaurant at km 0, a room for discussion and meeting, a stage for theater entertainment and music events. A warm and generous place, that recall the atmosphere, the smells and flavors of the Venetian countryside.

Would you like to open your own Casa a Colori in your city? Write to: info@casaacolori.org