Casa a Colori is a small metropolitan area that accommodates visitors from all over the world!

Casa a Colori Corporate

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Casa a Colori

Budget hotels, hostels and inns close toVenice and Padua! Ideal for teens, travelers, students, groups and people working abroad.

Casa a Colori is an innovative tool of the temporary Social Housing in the Veneto region. A progressive concept of temporary living, created to share ideas and experiences, integrate different cultures and develop a human relations and social cohesion kind of tourism.

We take inspiration from the values of social tourism, aimed at those looking for low cost accommodations, whether they are traveling for pleasure or are on a business trip in the Veneto region.


Casa a Colori

Ideal for a weekend getaway and also perfect for a business trip.

Casa Valentini Terrani

Lovely facility for mid to long term stays with company lodging services and room and board.


Casa a Colori Venice

Hotel built from an ex convent of the sixteenth century. It is also a great location for parties and banquets.


Ostello a Colori

Low cost facility just a few kilometers from Venice and a short distance away from the Brenta Riviera.